Pledge update instructions
States and other stakeholders are requested to use this template to provide updates on the progress of implementing the pledges and contributions announced at the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) and the 2019 High-Level Segment on Statelessness. The online system remains continuously open, and pledging entities are encouraged to submit updates on progress throughout the year, particularly when the status of their pledge implementation changes. Twice per year, UNHCR will publicize broad trends on the implementation of pledges based upon the updates received. All pledging entities are invited to report any new progress towards pledge implementation since the GRF in 2019.

For pledging entities that previously submitted updates, unless there are significant changes to the status of implementation and progress, a new update may not be required.

For joint pledges, unless otherwise agreed, the entity that submitted the pledge is requested to complete this form on behalf of the other pledging partners. Submitting entities are encouraged to take the lead in coordinating with other joint pledging partners to submit a consolidated update on progress towards the implementation of joint pledges.

If you are submitting updates on more than one pledge, please complete the form for each individual pledge.

Progress and trends in implementation will be visible on the Pledges and Contributions Dashboard on the Digital Platform for the GCR.
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Pledge Implementation Update

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